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Our office manager Molli talks about her love of dance and how it’s helping her manage her back pain.

As I sit here at the central hub of Physio-Answers where I keep our Lewisham, Layton and Southend physiotherapy clinics running smoothly, it occurred to me that I need to do my back pain relief exercises.

See, the thing is, since I have taken this job, my lower back pain and sciatica has got worse, which is unfortunate as I love my job, but the reality is our bodies are not designed to sit for long periods of time whether in an office or just on the sofa at home.

However, I’m lucky enough to work at a physiotherapist, and have the opportunity to try out our entire team of physios, that specialise in physiotherapy for back pain, at the physiotherapy Lewisham, Leyton and Southend clinics (oh the perks!)

I didn’t just stumble across this job by accident – the importance of movement and looking after our bodies on the inside as well as out is something I have a personal interest in and have invested lots of time in. I’d suffered with pain and stiffness for years and back pain relief exercises had become part of my daily routine. However, it didn’t feel enough. I needed to do more to get myself away from my office chair, relieve my back pain and prevent any further damage.

That opportunity came in the form of running my own dance class!  I know, I know it may seem a bit extreme – but I love dancing and now I get others to love it too, as well as get us all moving!

Last weekend I taught my first class of BODY GROOVE! It is a very simple dance class that has anywhere from 1 to 4 basic steps for each song and then you add your touch to each of those steps. For example, when a song comes on I’ll say ‘were going to clap to the beat and when you hear the music change we will walk for 8 then dance for 4. I’ll let you know when to change and I want to you to add your personality, using your whole body, the whole space and have fun.’ Because you’re not ‘copying’ the instructor, it is much less stressful on both the body and mind. We encourage you to listen to your body and to move it in a way that works for you, we want you to let go and not worry about what other people think and to have fun and play.

Dance for back pain reliefDespite the fact that I have only taught two BODY GROOVE classes, I am amazed that the pain relief  I feel already. I am listening to my body and not going too hard, I can feel the tension has been released and the back pain that I usually feel from sitting all day is just not there. People have commented that they don’t have all the muscle aches that often come with starting a new exercise program which is exactly why I love these classes so much –  these dance classes are what you make them, which make them suitable for all ages and abilities.  There are no rules it’s just about moving, enjoying the music and discovering what works for you.

When people visit us at our clinics regarding physiotherapy for back pain, and all other physiotherapy treatments, they will find the same ethos –  find a routine that works for you. Listen to your body. Think about pain relief holistically. When people book a physio or massage treatment with us, as well as hands on treatment, we talk to you about your diet, lifestyle, work environment, exercise routine and work with you to get you feeling like you again. One of the best parts of my job is checking people out at the end of their physiotherapy treatment with us, knowing they found the pain relief they were looking for as well as understanding a lot more about their bodies, what helps manage pain, and what they need to do to manage future pain. I get huge satisfaction in helping people feel better inside and out and feel lucky to be able to do that at the office as well as in my own time!

Looking for Physiotherapy for back pain? Give us a call on 0203 538 3808 for more information about our treatments and how they could benefit you.

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