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Pregnancy Massage

Are you past your first trimester? Are you feeling tired or stressed? Do you have backache, headaches or swollen ankles? If so why not book a relaxing, specialised massage session to benefit you and the baby during your pregnancy and labour?
Otherwise known as pre-natal massage this therapy is available at our Leyton clinic with Stephanie Boyd who as well as being a fully qualified Physiotherapist and Chinese Practitioner has also undergone further training in pregnancy related treatments.


The Body During Pregnancy

There are many major changes occurring in the mother’s body during all stages of pregnancy. The ligaments, muscles and skeletal structures are put under increasing physical stress as pregnancy progresses which make the body susceptible to muscle and joint discomfort and pain.  There are many factors involved including:

  • The weight of the baby itself putting pressure on the pelvis,
  • The stresses on the upper back, neck and shoulders due to changes in posture as the body adapts to its changing shape.
  • Hormonal changes that cause ligaments to become more lax and therefore put increased stress on the joints
  • Reduced blood and lymph circulation causing leg and ankle swelling and discomfort


A pregnancy massage will help to:

  • Reduce Swelling/oedema by increasing blood and lymph circulation
  • Release muscle spasm and tension
  • Reduce sciatic or pelvic pain
  • Reduce headaches and pain in the shoulders, neck and upper spine caused by the changes in posture.


The Hormones During Pregnancy

There are constant and enormous hormonal changes during pregnancy and this can often lead to mood swings, anxiety and depression.

Massage has been shown to increase the levels of endorphins in the body i.e. the ‘feel good’ hormones whilst reducing the stress related ones such as cortisol.

This promotes the feeling of relaxation in the mother which is then passed to the baby.  This can lead to improved sleep and general relaxation both through pregnancy and also during labour when increased levels of stress and cortisol production are related to increased birth complications.


What to expect in your session

Depending on your stage of pregnancy you will probably be positioned on your side and supported by pillows and cushions so you are comfortable and relaxed.

Massage techniques tend to be long and slow to improve the blood and lymphatic flow and can encompass the feet, legs and ankles as well as the pelvis, back and shoulders.

We can also discuss and demonstrate massage techniques that your birth partner could use when you’re in labour.


If there is ever a time that a little pampering is well deserved then this is it!

Note: These sessions are not available to book online as we need some medical history and information prior to booking. So call the clinic on 020 3538 3808 to book your pregnancy massage today!

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